23 Jun 2017


i think it's time to end the adventure with this blog.
i come here really rarely anyway, so officially - this is my last post here.
if anyone feel the need or will to still follow me,
here are my current and used blogs:

and facebook:


14 Apr 2017

temporary windows

next week i'm finally moving in a proper apartment!
i'm excited, but it also will take a lot of energy to tidy it all up.
yesterday i had my new tattoo done! it is really lovely,
i will show pictures when it will be healed. 
in a moment i'm going (not that far) away - to my grandparent's place
where i will spend easter.
two days ago i started a new job, as a waitress,
and tomorrow i'm also going to work. two days a week for now.
i wish you all wonderful weekend and easter <3

9 Apr 2017

people always look better in the sun

last weekend was really awful,
but yesterday evening i watched amazingly lovely spanish movie
and today sun is shining, i welcome spring.

6 Apr 2017

new photos, new me, new start

i'm back after really long break.
soon i will move in the new house with my mother
it is almost the end of renovation.

i've got also new analog photographs.
lots of things change in my life, but i try to keep open and calm mind.

and now i'm sitting, listen to john frusciante (again!) and feeling good.
despite it was really cold today. too cold for spring.

1 Mar 2017

the sea

it's morning
and i really like mornings.
i can't sleep lately, so i keep getting up earlier and earlier

27 Feb 2017


last concert of my band
we're playing also this friday and next friday,
these will be important concerts!
first one in front of all people from my field of study
and the next - supporting the band which is more famous than us

lately i'm quite fine
i never use such words without euphemisms

standing on the edge

from few days my mind is more positive
i don't want to think too much and worry about things i can't help any way.
life goes on, every day goes on, and i can use it.
and i'm listening to the kills

apart from having a lot of time i don't have time,
but it only depends on my will and attitude and patience.