11 Dec 2014

most of the time when i feel like posting on a blog is when i'm sad.
so here i am. somehow lonely, for a moment forgot that i like my lonliness.
i worry about so many things, and i don't want to participate in anything that will surely make me more sad. i really sometimes feel like i want to be someone else. like the song said 
' i want to be someone else, or  i'll explode  '
none of my plans with destiny is to be great, just don't come true.
my feeling of calmness went so far away. i feel the hope is running low. 
and now i'm ending this day with bad headache and john frusciante.
and just dreaming and being angry that dreams aren't real.
and hell yea, i do like complain. but i can't help it. not right now.

4 Dec 2014

winter comes

 cold sea

i like these photos so much, although now i don't have the best relations with one with whom i should have. but i take life as it is, and maybe i am hopeless, but maybe i'm looking for my own way to be happy. not everyone has to live like a script says. more and more i would like to change in myself. and maybe that's all i need right now, maybe i'm not ready to open. 
i like moments like this concrete
when i'm sitting, listening to music, drinking second (and not last) cup of tea,
and in a minute i'm going to watch my new favourite series - awkward.

27 Nov 2014


I don't understand anything

25 Nov 2014


i love those pictures <3
soon there will be some more here

i just want to say, that i am more happy than i used to be.
and from yesterday I have a tattoo on my left shoulder !!

19 Nov 2014

when I get my hands on you

it's morning.
in a while i'm going to school.
tomorrow will be the most awful day there. 
but i can't wait till the weekend!
actually tomorrows afternoon me and my mom are going shopping!
(for that dress, which i didn't buy last week
and for jacket for a winter, because i'm freezing)
on saturday i'm gonna meet my friends, cinema and so:>
 and sunday again shopping, swimming pool and cleaning our flat and basement xd

and meanwhile i'm getting fit xd 
i will ridr a bike at home (stationary bike) and do some sit-ups!

14 Nov 2014

felt like writing

these pictures are from weekend when i was at my aunt's place
i love to go there and feel different reality,
even if its about 20 minutes from my own house.

oh, and yesterday i discovered a lovely band
'the new basement tapes'
and now i'm exploring their songs, and i have to say they are wonderfull.
i'm really in love with some of them.

tomorrow i'm going shopping with my mum.
i have to buy a dress for a prom! cause i'm in senior year! 
(last year of high school)
and hundred days before last exams, there is a prom called
something like 'hundred-days-prom' hahaha
in polish it sounds better xd
but anyway, i have to have dress! and it is always problem to find a perfect one.

and today was such a awful day! i couldn't get up from bed in the morning
i had lessons at 7am. and i thought i won't make it.
but i did, and then i suffered so much - i was extremely sleepy xd
and i felt and feel awful actually!
so i'm going to watch something on tv
and then be off to sleep..

so have a nice evening c:

13 Nov 2014


nice, i have free evening, i can watch the last episode of first season of lost series!
tomorrow is friday, so the weekend starts! i would like it to last forever..