31 Aug 2014


skiathos island

love comes slow, and go so fast

i told him. and now i'm dying or something

28 Aug 2014

trip on skiathos

while going on the island named skiathos

and there, on the island

27 Aug 2014

airport and plane

i would like to feel it again

25 Aug 2014

i came back home yesterday!
it was lovely trip, i love greece.
i wish i could stay there..

17 Aug 2014

don't take my word for it

tomorrow i'm going away. i'm excited
and i wish you all a lovely week <3

15 Aug 2014


 today was a good day
i spent evening with my mum.
we went to a sushi bar, it was delicious!
and then on a big wheel (similar to that one, on woodstock) 
and we were watching our town at night - beautiful!
now i'm exploring new songs of angus & julia stone 

 and well i don't want to break any heart anymore
and i wish i wouldn't be heartbroken too.

13 Aug 2014

flowers on my legs

on monday im flying away to greece, on a family holiday
i can't wait. maybe i can finally have a rest.