30 Jun 2012

i feel so summery, so i post a picture of me and my friend which was taken last year while rock music festival. it reminds me summer and makes me happy. today i was walking with my another friend and with my dog for about three hours. it was really cool, warm and funny. i had really great time:)
and my mom made a cheesecake with raspberries and blueberries and it is so delicious and colorful, i love it!
now i'm sitting with Tasty in my room because parents have guests. i think i'm going to watch 'skins' series. i used to watch it last year but i didn't finish the first season. so i think now it's a perfect occasion to do it:)

the weather is beautiful, so holiday have started in really nice way. finally i can do a lot of things, i am so excited. i will meet friends from (already old) school, take photos, go with parents on the south of country and lots more. now, every single day is a mystery and lovely things can happen:) how do you spend summer holiday?

29 Jun 2012

new thing!

i decided to make a lookbook account.
 just because of the holiday started and i thought it would be fun:)
and some more photos of it:

hope you like it:)

28 Jun 2012

this is the end, my beautiful friend

aww, today was the last time i was in my school - junior high.
girls were crying including me =p
 i'm sad a little bit because i will never see them all together. 
although i was dissatisfied of this school i will miss a lot
this atmosphere, these people, everyday-life there.
we've been together in paris and spend really lovely moments.
it was really great 3 years, thank you and i love you guys!

despite i'm in little sad-mood, holidays started!
i hope for wonderful two months, also for you <3

26 Jun 2012

night at school

 photos from sunday's walking.
 yesterday i took part in a 'night at school' with whole class and our educator
it was quite fun. we watched movies: 
death at a funeral, x-man, sherlock holmes (series),
spread (which wasn't good idea) and finding neverland,
we also ate pizza and slept a little in sleeping bags
it last all night till 6 am when i came back home
and then i fell asleep again, and woke up at 11 haha
and i ate breakfast at 12. it was cool xd
and i found it odd to be in a school at night and walking
through corridor in a pyjama, but it's funny experience:)

24 Jun 2012

it's a photo from today's walk, you can expect for few more soon:) 
(click for bigger)

 and friday's disco, i said that there wasn't maaany people, but it was cool anyway

well i have opposing feelings. from one side i want holiday and i can't stand any longer in this school, i want feel change and go to high school, meet new people..
but from the other hand, i just can't imagine that i will not come back here in september, i will never meet some friends from here and it makes me sad, though i still say that i have enough. anyway time is going so fast and end of this school year is inevitable. okay, stop this,
 i've got nice song which i got to know some days ago: click , i like lyrics c:

23 Jun 2012

yesterday i was at the disco at my school, and i have to say that i had such a great time! there wasn't many people, mostly from my class. but the music was funny, because i'm not used to listen to pop, but here i was singing and jumping to songs by rihanna, beyonce, and even justin bieber hahaha but with group of people it is such fun that it isnt important what that song is. party lasted 3,5 hours and there was a lot of food, but i didn't eat anything, just drink, drink and drink! oh, and i danced with boys too, which was the first time in my life, because earlier guys didn't come to disco...but anyway, it was really great:)

photos were taken by my mobile phone, so the quality isn't good. but this day was so warm 
and sun shined into eyes, and i liked it soo much, so i felt like walking with dog a lot:)

20 Jun 2012

some photos which i take, while i have to be really bored xd
in final result at friday will be a party instead of prom. so we will not dance polonaise in pairs, but it will be a disco, there'll be some snacks, crisps and probably pizza for eat. i have a dress (we dressed up like it'd be a prom xd) but i don't know what shoes wear. because in heels it isn't comfortable to dance, but it looks nicer than in sneakers. so i'm in consternation=p
by the way, today i felt really like playing some music, so i took the guitar and played songs of band - Hole, with listening to original songs at the same time and singing with courtney love haha so some nice songs which i can and you might like: northern star , reasons to be beautiful <3 , doll parts

19 Jun 2012

tasty on our balcony. he looks little fatter that he is in reality,  but anyway i think he's cute :) today i took him some other photos which i show you soon.
weather is nice: sun shines, sometimes wind blows, and it's warm 
i'm happy of it, because i can go out with naked legs wearing shorts or skirts. 
on sunday i watched 'men in black 2' haha and it's such a funny and stupid movie
but sometimes is good to see a silly comedy. the most, i liked talking pug-dog 
and will smith in main role of course.
oh and i just can't wait till holiday, it's only 9 days!!

16 Jun 2012

still matches

I watched every single football match during these week, and it's scary, but i'm very into it :) i've never been a football fan, but this championship is very interesting.
my favourites teams are from germany, portugal, but the most - from spain.
their last match was brilliant, and they all are so cool, but i like them so much because of fernando torres, who i think is the most handsome footballer.
and that's why girls watch football hahaha
and today's match is very important for my country so i will watch it with friends
and family (while eating pizza) !

Who will save your soul when it comes to the flowers now,
Who will save your soul after all those lies you told, boy
Who will save your soul if you won't save your own?

another day, another dollar, another war, another tower
We're so worried about saving our souls

15 Jun 2012

here are finally photos from the weekend at grandparents' place. you can click on them to see it in bigger size. they were taken by my aunt and it's kinda photoshoot xd

yesterday at school, teacher told us to write an elaboration about our plans and dreams for the future. we had to write about us, like we are in age 26 or more.
so i was dreaming and wrote that i have a rock band which is very popular
i had a tour through whole europe and in autumn i'm going to usa 
i have a fiance from england, who is famous actor
and we bought a house in england, we don't have children and we love each other so much haha my eloboration was quite long. maybe some dreams will come true:) 

now i'm going to eat spaghetti <3

12 Jun 2012

Well, my mood isn't good, i think it's because of school. we do practically nothing, but i want to get out from this. i just want to change entourage, and never meet some people. so now, these over a dozen days are torment. the only thing which makes me excited is that every day are football matches xd and i can't wait for today's one. some friends of my family come to us to watch it together. so i'm exciteeed :)

By the way, my mom have birthday in 2 days, tomorrow i will go to buy something, but also i want to draw something for her, but i really don't know what.. any ideas? :)