25 Nov 2012

lots of stuff to do

i am so busy lately..
this weekend my grandparents came to my house. 
we were watching new appartment of my aunt 
and of course, always when grandparents are here, i eat much more than i'm used to.
so i ate delicious chocolate cake and tart with spinach

and tomorrow school starts again, this week is going to be awful :<
i can't wait till friday 

21 Nov 2012

keep calm

lately i just can't stop listening to lana del rey. some of her songs just calm me
yesterday i was feel like painting so i caught the paintbrush
and made few black and white drawings. i'll show you them c:
music and painting is everything i need, sometimes. 

19 Nov 2012

till the end of time..

you fit me better than my favorite sweater, 
and I know that love is mean, and love hurts

I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
promise you'll remember that you're mine
baby can you see through the tears?

some photos i took lately.
well i'm trying to think positive and not worry
and also not think as much as i'm used to.

17 Nov 2012


yesterday i was in my school during the night. we watched with a teacher some horror movies.
marathon started at 9 pm and it ended at 7 am
we watched 4 movies: mullholland drive (which was absolutely incomprehensible), the shining,
unborn (during it last i was sleeping, because it was too scary xd) and rosemary's baby.
i had really great time with my friends, but now i feel sleepy ;3

leggings which i have on those pictures are my favourite ones,
but unluckily they've torn a little..

14 Nov 2012

bad for good

today was a positive day.
sometimes it has to be bad to be good later, says my friend
and i absolutely agree with that words.
when you feel down sometimes, just think that it isn't for nothing. 
and you will see, that soon world will be more beautiful, and you'll really feel better. 
life works like this, i don't know why

11 Nov 2012

you fit me better than my favorite sweater

I got my red dress on tonight
Dancin' in the dark in the pale moonlight
Done my hair up real big, beauty queen style
High heels off, I'm feelin' alive

I'm feelin' electric tonight
Cruisin' down the coast, goin' about 99
I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight

 Think I'll miss you forever
Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky

Later's better than never
Even if you're gone I'm gonna drive

Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness

acid drinkers

here are some photos from friday's concert.
 i had really great time and i hope they will come to my city soon.
oh how i love loud sounds, when i feel them in the chest. i feel like my heart beats to them.
and i think it's amazing experience when you stand on a stage and play music
and whole audience is singing your songs. it has to be like huge 'wow' xd

10 Nov 2012

sorry for lack of posts, but i am so busy with school stuff, it is really hard to find some free time. but i promise to do it more often anyway:)

yesterday was a great day, because i went on a concert with my friend. and it was so exciting. my neck hurts because i was wave my head and hair to the sound of heavy metal music. oh and my favourite guitarist of this group was looking into our eyes and smiling. because we were standing close to the stage <3 i post some pictures from concert soon.

4 Nov 2012

long hair in the wind, i can't see anything. analogically

this is the end of  the long weekend. it's time to come back to school,
coming back to reality is always hard. the more that i am in very dreamy mood.
if i could i would lie on the green grass underneath blue sky and just think and dream.
but only if this thinking wouldn't have any consequences and if i could just lie there for eternity 
haha and that's my next dream, you see what i am (:

3 Nov 2012

analog photos

yey i developed my photos and already put next cliche (:
last 3 days i was at aunt's place with my parents. so it was family weekend.
and yesterday i was with my father on concert of my favourite band - acid drinkers.
they played all songs which i expected for and i got a pick of guitarist in whom i'm just in love haha
so great band. great music. great evening. next friday i'm going again on their concert <3