27 Jan 2013

me and my scarf

 please don't go, please don't go
i love you so, i love you so

only one week left till concert! i'm a little stressed
and i don't know what to wear :O
has anyone got an idea?

23 Jan 2013

darkness inside, lights outside


some photos i took few seconds ago from my webcam :)
you can see my lights near bed, which i got for christmas, and they are going to be there forever i think. i don't have a lot to say but now i'm going to learn german (for today's test) and then eat spaghetti made by my dad, which together with lasagne is the best food ever. 
gosh, how i hate school ;p

22 Jan 2013

funny monkey

i watched some photos of vocation on which i was few years ago.
and i found these two of cute monkey. i really like those animals:3

i have a lot to study nowdays.. i just can't comprehend it

17 Jan 2013

busy winter

yey i'm playing a concert at the beggining of february
and it is going to be my first concert so i'm excited but also stressed a little.
we practise now a looot, and we've already thought of setlist.

10 Jan 2013

what am i missing?

well i don't feel very well last days. i'm a little bit sad. 
i think i need more freetime and oblivion.

7 Jan 2013

the goose hangs high

over felt 
or over thought 

shake me, find me something
that would make me feel
what am I missing?

Everything we touch
we ruin cause

 and home now could be
anywhere I'd go.

I feel numb
and what have you discovered?