29 Jul 2016


is something wrong with me?
i always ask myself this question. 
and i wonder it more intensive when i'm not with him
maybe because i worry
about future, about us, about me
but i shouldn't.
always remember: whatever is meant to be, will be

27 Jul 2016

woodstock time

I refuse to grow
I refuse to get old
I have Peter Pan syndrome

11 Jul 2016

open'er festival

these are photos from open'er festival, which was about week ago.
i saw there florence and the machine, pj harvey and red hot chilli peppers
it was really great! <3

this is us. very tired, at 3 o'clock in the morning in a train;p

and today i'm going to the city where my boy lives,
and tomorrow we'll be away to woodstock festival,
where will be a lot of crazy people, great music and tents :D

have a really nice week c:
i'm ready for everything i guess

6 Jul 2016

i've been insane

 well, during this week i got absolutly crazy and eat a lot of food.
actually now i feel it was too much. 
everyday i tasted different dinner or meal and portions weren't small.
now i feel like i'm not going to eat anything.
i just don't like food, talking about food and me eating 
(in fact i love it) but i'm just really tired of this!

today i was dreaming a lot about my life and what i would like it to look like
i would like to do many things, see the world, create beauty, 
to live against the laws that people had established.
i simply like to live truly and fully but not for so long. i haven't forgotten about that:p

today i mixed my song which i have recorded really long time ago
and here it is: ALL I KNOW 
i will do it more often, i promise.
and i will do many things. no matter what