28 Jun 2014


some older photos.

today i hope for finishing of recording my song!

26 Jun 2014

sad faces

but i am strong

23 Jun 2014

i feel the wheels are turning round

this lake is on fire
it's been every dream to me
it's been every desire

well i'm not hungry anymore.. i don't know why.
and surely i'm getting happy too fast. always.

22 Jun 2014

like a diary

it's late at night.
today i came back home.
and i wrote new song. but i know, i must record those, which i already have, 
after this i start to write anothers! because i will never tidy this mess:p

and it's going to be the last week before summer holidays.
i'm both happy and sad about it.
i wonder how this week will look like. 

and now i'm sitting here, such late,
because i'm watching a match! portugal vs usa
my christiano ronldo is there :D
and for now portugal is winning!

i don't care now that tomorrow i'm going to school, in the early morning
and i have to say a poetry in german, to get better final mark from this subject:p

and i realized how often i use a word 'and' at the beggining of new thought.
and (again) i think i really felt like talking tonight c:

so i will watch the match till it ends, and then go sleep,
because i'm starting to feel tired, however i slept in car while going to home. 

oh noooo! goal for usa! ronaldo - please do something:c
okay i'm ending this long post, to cheer portugal on, it can't be like that,

goodnight <3
(thanks for reading, if someone read this whole thing)

ps. my dad doesn't belive that i will wake up tomorrow (actually today) morning
in a good condition. and i think i must agree with him. but i can't help it:p

18 Jun 2014

don't stop, continue

today i'm going at my grandparents' place
and i'm staying there for few days.

now i'm thinking about eating something
and then - on the road!

17 Jun 2014

stay strong

no matter what.
i'll be tough

15 Jun 2014


i am ill. i don't feel well. and tomorrow i'm staying at home all day.
i'm tired and i would like to sleep through all my life.
and i don't want to miss a thing.. like aerosmith sings


my new look

food seems to be the sense of my life

14 Jun 2014


we won a competition (overview) of young, rock bands! :)
we have t-shirts with a name of this overview
and probably there will be some recording in a studio soon

so i'm glad :)

10 Jun 2014

don't speak

so yea. it didn't work. but actually it is all my fault. everything that i wish, it hadn't happened. and just because i can't let things stay as they are. i always provoke ache to appear.  i just belong with it, and it feels like i'm made of this little thing that makes people have a sad face. and maybe i just want to help others to be more lucky, and i reject every goods that could happen to me. so, i don't know why i'd like to make imposibilities come true.

9 Jun 2014



 i hope that the thing that i was asking for is not going to work.
i know i'm undecided and don't know what i want.
whatever is meant to be, will be anyway.

6 Jun 2014


today i'm going on a birthday party of my friend from class.
and maybe util the time i leave, i will finally record something c:

4 Jun 2014


everything is okay,
but sometimes i feel like i'm weird. like the life passes me.
like i do something wrong. like it won't change.
but it's okay..

1 Jun 2014

all of energy

today was even more lovely day!
i really loved it <3