21 Feb 2014

just saying

Well, I have so many thoughts every minute that I can't get them all together and realize what I really think and want. And I know I'm becoming loss of time (is it right word?), but people really like to grumble. And I know I'm talking with no sense. But it's how I feel lately. I mean long lately. But writing all those stupid things helps me somehow in figure out myself and becoming stronger inside. Because when I write something I know it can't be like these any longer. And I have more strenght to fight with my moods.I shouldn't grumble all the time I guess.

17 Feb 2014

today was a really nice day, if i can say so
i felt calm, i wasn't sad,
sun shined,
i was listening to music and had not a lot of homework to do
and i was finally drawing.
i'm holding to these words and memories

9 Feb 2014


yesterday i had my 18-birthday party (actually i will have 18 years old in a week)
and i had a great time and guests also. now i'm going to laze all day c:

2 Feb 2014

I want to runaway, like on this photo my friend did

me by my friend

tomorrow i have to come back to school, i don't want it so badly