30 May 2012

In the evening i just felt that i want to go outside and take Tasty with me,
so i did, and took my mp4. i was listening to birdy, lana del rey and bryan adams.
the air was refreshing, i wanted to sing a loud
but i think people wouldn't understand my way of express emotions xd
i was walking with dog for half an hour and it made me happy:)

photos are from weekend' walk.
i know it doesn't look like walking or something but it was xd

28 May 2012

birdy - skinny love

and i told you to be patient
and i told you to be fine
and i told you to be balanced
and i told you to be kind

Some little moments which happens in everyday-life, i think that sometimes were just made to have their own soundtrack, their own song or part of a song to be played while this situations are happening. also, when i hear some songs i just remind to myself things which were in the past and sometimes they fit to that songs so much, like they were a scene from a movie.

27 May 2012

socks and lake

These are some photos, which i took yesterday. i like those socks so much, they are so warm, soft and comfy. 
Because of nice weather today i was riding a bike. oh how i love it, and i decided to do it every day during summer holidays. even only for about an hour.
today Tasty had a fun too, because he swam in a small lake near our house. he couldn't catch his ball in the water because it has smooth surface and it slipped from his mouth. but he like to swim and he's so cute when he do it (: i should go with him to the lake more often

26 May 2012


Weather is perfect -
 sun shines, wind blow, is warm but not too hot.
  i feel also good because i don't have to learn this weekend.
big tests ended and in this week will be only one little test.
i'm going to relax all day!
i started with tasty breakfast (croissant and roll with peanut butter)
and i'm going to go for a walk by the sea. 
i want to breath with this fresh air :)

and..today is Mother's Day,
 i gave mine a drawing made by me which shows me and her.
i wrote also a poem. happy day for all mothers!

24 May 2012

last summer

these photos were taken last summer by my friend. she loves also photographing so we met to make a photo shoot. we still do things like that, but during school year it's more impossible.
yesterday with my class we were in old cinema on movie called 'Juno' . i think you all know about what is that film (16-year old girl is pregnant). I saw it once a long time ago, but it is nice film, about love and decisions. the main heroine is so cool, she always know what to say (her quotes are amazing xd) and she is so brave. tomorrow also i go to cinema, but with friend. it's going to be a nice evening. hope you all will have a nice weekend:)

22 May 2012


what a hot day! it was weird to walk through the school hallways only in shorts and naked legs, but i like it:)
and i show you some drawings (first two) and photos which i want to give on a streetwaves. it is something like exhibition for young artists. and this pictures and paintings of people will be hanging along the streets. and then, after some days volunteers on bikes will ride and give roll up arts to random poeple on the street. such a nice action, so i wanted to take a part in it:) so this is my work:

20 May 2012

After good breakfast (muesli + roll with strawberry jam) i went ride a bike with my family. it was quite cool, because the sun shined and it was warm. so i could go only in shorts and t-shirt. i love riding a bike, but we went so far away from home, that when we came back i was exhausted! but then i ate lasagne made by my mom and i had energy again. now i'm going to watch a series which i really like :)

this is my today's outfit

19 May 2012


webcamera photo:) today when i was with my mom in shop, strange thing happend. namely, old and probably sick man wanted to steal a three packs of salmon. i know it sound silly, but it was even scary. one saleswoman was shouting to another to catch him, and luckily she did it. he was saying that he is addicted to drugs. but i can't see connection with it. luckily, saleswomen get back this salmon. and everything had happy ending :) but i was shocked because i have never been witness of accident like this. and you guys have ever seen a try of a theft?

18 May 2012

this is my yesterday's outfit (:
at school i was so sleepy.
i felt like this, because yesterday i was on concert
(again, i know haha)
but it was concert in a club and there played no famouse bands
the reason i liked it is that they covered songs of my favourite groups
like nirvana, alice in chains, pearl jam. so it was nice evening :)
but not cool that i had to go to school and write a test today..
 now i'm gonna draw something, because i didn't do it for a long time 
and i just want to paaaaaint!
have a nice weekend <3

and one song which i found out yesterday at the concert :

15 May 2012

water day

i haven't been on an aqua aerobic for a long time, but today i finally went xd it's quite fuuny there, i prefer doing exercises in water to swimming. it's less tiring, so usually i enjoy this sport (i don't know if i can call it sport xd)
and today weird thing happened. namely, there isn't hot water in my house xd i hope it will last one, two days, not longer. it isn't cool to wash yourself and your hair in a big bowl like people probably used to do few century earlier xd oh, now i feel cold and only i can do is go under warm blanket :)

14 May 2012

it's gonna be hard in school now
but it won't be harder than the time when these important exams were.
i just dream of summer holiday
and this feeling of freedom
like a bird flying through cool air
like a leaf floating on the tract
less than two months and i'll feel it :)

12 May 2012

sonisphere festival

in new metallica t-shirt

acid drinkers <3

coming home

so here are some photos:) well, i will not forget about this concert for a long time! the weather was beautiful: sun shined and it was hot. i was all night in a t-shirt! metallica is such an amazing band. they played whole the black album and some other songs. when they ended...they didn't want to go out from the stage. they thanked people - their fans for supporting and they said that they love us :3 james hetfield and kirk hammet threw picks, and lars ulrich said that they will come here soon. aww it was so nice when they called us 'metallica family'. whole concert i was singing and jumpig to their songs. what a shame that the time is so fast. now i'm waiting for their next visit!