29 Mar 2013

happy birthday blog!

today i met with my friends and we were doing a project for school.
and it was fun, i laughed till i cried and we finished our work, so i'm satisfied. 

i still can't believe that weather is so awful!
it should be sunny and green because of begining of spring
instead there is white, cold and it's snowing all the time.
how beautiful can be easter now ? :c

oh and i almost forgot.
i realized that my blog have a year now :)

27 Mar 2013

shells, sand and rest

yes! today sun shined and i'm feeling better
i also did most of stuff that they have done in the school during last three days.
i finished a book (romantic comedy) and start reading next one (thriller)
and i hope for great 6 days out of school (there is a break for easter) <3

26 Mar 2013

go away, you bad, snowy winter

 i can't stand this snow around me anymore
i want to feel spring, green plants, shining sun, fresh air,
hear birdsongs, people's laugh, sound of warm sea,
eat fresh, juicy fruits, ice-creams, drink cold drinks.
evrything would be easier, more beautiful and then i would be happy. 
spring when are you going to come?

25 Mar 2013

longing and flu

i'm sitting at home, amongst warm bedclothes.
it would be pleasurable if i didn't cough my lungs out of my body and use million ton of tissues.

because of i don't have much to do, i'm thinking a lot.
i was wondering about longing. what does it mean when you miss someone
who you don't know well. you just want to see his face. hear his voice. 
you know that when you'll see him, smile will appear on your face. 
and it's a little frustrating that you don't have him near you, especialy when you need his presence.
but is it right to miss someone who is only friend. just a friend. not even this 'best friend forever'.

24 Mar 2013

dried tulip

I only see you when you're walking, walking to somewhere
You're so restless, what can be over there?

I only see you when you're walking, walking to somewhere
you're so restles, it must be special there

23 Mar 2013

people are people so why should it be

beautiful graffiti which is in my city.
i think that kind of graffiti really is an art. 
i've always wanted to draw something on the wall. 
it has to be amazing experience !
(all photos were taken by analog camera)

and since yesterday i am ill. i have throat ache:c 

21 Mar 2013


today is my dog tasty's birthday
happy birthday my little dog <3

i've got four days free from school
im spending them on meeting with my friends (:

18 Mar 2013

let it be

i've got weird feeling in my guts
i'm not sure why

17 Mar 2013

there ain't nothing i can do to stop

God knows what is hiding in this world of little consequence
Behind the tears, inside the lies
A thousand slowly dying sunsets

on friday evening i was on a concert in my school
i had really great time with my friends even though the bands didn't play very good music (;

13 Mar 2013

my dog, my plant and my canary <3
all those photos i took by this new analog camera and i'm very satisfied of them

after bad days always come good ones (:

11 Mar 2013

i'm a war, come paint

if i could, i would lie in my bed all night long.
all day long.
whole my life.
right now, soft and warm bedding is everything i need
and everything i want.
i wish i'd stay there and sleep away all bad times

10 Mar 2013

i'm falling all the way in

last week i was on the reggae concert with my friend.
i had so much fun. i was singing, jumping and all the time i had a big smile on my face.
this music just make me feel happy and comfortable.

6 Mar 2013

todays outfit

this is how i looked like today.
find it on lookboook here
i realised that i listen to different songs or different bands according to weather
when now it is sunny and start to be warm i listen heavy metal and punk rock
don't ask me why, but these songs just remind me of happy moments same as the sun.
here are songs you might listen if you got some free time:

5 Mar 2013

confide post

since few days there is a beautiful weather. it's about 10 degrees and sun shines :3 

i was wondering a lot. and i figured out that (when it comes to boys) i like to talk with
new met ones. like i hadn't talked with them before and suddenly we start and i find out
that he is cool and have something interesting to say. and i also figured out that i try to avoid 
guys who for example are looking at me all the time. so when guys don't give me enough attention
i want it more. it's complicated i know :p and sorry for such weird post