29 Mar 2013

happy birthday blog!

today i met with my friends and we were doing a project for school.
and it was fun, i laughed till i cried and we finished our work, so i'm satisfied. 

i still can't believe that weather is so awful!
it should be sunny and green because of begining of spring
instead there is white, cold and it's snowing all the time.
how beautiful can be easter now ? :c

oh and i almost forgot.
i realized that my blog have a year now :)


  1. Sounds fun! And yeah the weather is pretty annoying...
    Great pictures!

    Btw do you have Bloglovin? In that case could we follow each other through that as well? I've heard that GFC will go down. Unfortunately. Let me know :-) There is an icon on my blog.


  2. Happy Birthday! :)