28 Oct 2012

let it go

 i just have a feeling like creating beauty. i would like to make something that others would enjoy.
 i have to take new photos, i think i have inspiration. maybe i'll write a new song ? 
today i will go to develop my photos from analog camera. and then i just want to take and take and take new and new photographs (:

sometimes i think too much.
when you let go everything you worry about, you'll get something special. 
it's my theory.

27 Oct 2012

for i can't help

wise men say only fools rush in
but I can't help falling in love with you  

like a river flows surely to the sea  
some things are meant to be

take my hand, take my whole life too 

26 Oct 2012

autumn is here

some autumn photos from monday, while walking and talking with friends :)

today i met with my best friend. we ate pizza and some dessert
and we talked a lot. about sense of life
and about the universe, and we found out, that we really don't know anything.
like every people around the world. and these are things that we're even not going to know. it's just impossible.

22 Oct 2012

my heart is singing

today's afternoon was very pleasurable.
i was playing with my band. vocalist came on our attempt.
only drumer have known her before, but i have to say that she is very nice. 
she should work at singing, but we aren't perfect too, so everything's okay haha
but this attempt made my day.. i feel joy now =p
and we can play whole this song: clickclick

now, i just want to siiing along haha

20 Oct 2012


sometimes, photos with bad quality are even better than clear ones. they have something magical when we look at them. often i consciously took blurred photos, because they are just beautiful and soft.

19 Oct 2012

i had a busy week.but now weekend started so i can relax a little more. and i decided that everyday (during weekdays) i will have a total rest for half an hour. despite of homework and learning, just lying on my bed with headphones in my ears. it is a good way to not get insane because of school.

and tomorrow i have a trial (is it right word?) with my band, we are playing songs of pink floyd (cofortably numb, money), and some rock' n' roll ones:)

14 Oct 2012

rock'n'roll night long

oh i'm so tired. it's because yesterday my best friend came to my house for a night.
we didn't sleep until 5.30 am. we were singing, eating, watching 3 films and tooking photos, i had really great time, and for the first time (exepct new year's eve) i went sleep such late, or such early, i don't know haha.
and yesterday morning i was practising with a band i'm playing in
it was so loud there, that i just sank in the sounds. i love that feeling. but now my fingers hurts.. tomorrow i'm practising again but with different band =p

11 Oct 2012

you're hand in mine, we walk the miles

lately i really don't have time for anything
 i have such a lot of things to do, to learn, this weekend is going to be busy 

photographs by my friend <3

9 Oct 2012

today i'm big yellow exclamation mark

sometimes it can be nice
i can laugh and smile all the time
i like days like today.

now i'm sitting, drinking tea and listening to one of my favourite alternative
singer - maria peszek. her songs are exactly what i feel usually. i just love lyrics.
and i'm waiting for the weekend, i have a lot of plans and i'm excited (:

7 Oct 2012

too short weekend

some results of photoshoot my friend made to me.
i was last night in house of her
we were laughing almost all the time, singing silly songs
and watching horror '1408' in a late late night
so then i was scared xd
but i love my friend <3 

always unexpected things are the most joyful
so better do not wait for something and be sad because it doesn't come.

5 Oct 2012

analog and initiation

today was a really long day, but it finally ends
in the afternoon we had some kind of party at school for first classes of high school
i mean something like initiation ceremonie xd
and it was so funny and our class won, as always haha
tomorrow i'm going on photography lessons, we'll see what it's going to be like.

photos were taken by my friend with her zenit camera
i really like the quality of them and of all analog photos.
now i'm drinking tea and listening to U2 <3

3 Oct 2012

all's good when it's not too good

these are photos taken some time ago, while walking with my dad and tasty near the cliff.
a high number of things happened this week and similar number will happen more.
in short: my friend came to my house at saturday night. we watched 'rubber' movie
which was awful. we've known that fact before we started to watch, but we didn't think that it sucks that much. and with my class we were in the cinema on tuesday.

and today was a nice day. finally i could breathe and i'm starting to feel and be myself at school. but i'm waiting for cold days. i want to wear sweaters! xd and unluckily last week was so sunny and warm. weather suprises me.

now i'm going to watch skins series, still i cannot break away from this <3