31 Mar 2012


Today weather was awful. It's spring, so it should be sunny and warm like few days ago. In fact, it's white around because of snow! I couldn't believe it in the morning, and still i can't. When weather such sucked i didn't want to do anything... but of course i had to xd I was cleaning my house with parents 'before Easter'.

Now i'm going to eat some peanuts and watch x factor on tv :)

This is Tasty. He's wore this collar (i don't know what is the word of it in english xd) for a week, because he had been castrated. At the beginning he wasn't accustomed to it, but now he can eat, sleep, sniff and play - whatever he want :) He will take it off on monday or tuesday, i can't wait for it xd

30 Mar 2012


I had a really nice day. I was on something like a theater play named improvisations. If you guys want to know what it is, i explain:) it is played on the stage or something like that by group of people. They don't have planned what they will play. The audience choose a place and characters of each person. So actors have to improvise. Plays like that are unique, and sometimes strange things happened ;) it's always such funny! And i can't understand how they do this! it would be hard for me.
Play which i saw today gave me catharsis :)

29 Mar 2012


Some photos i took today:

My legs looks weirdly slim, maybe because of lens of my camera. I would like them to look like this in reality haha, but i don't know, maybe they do, but i just don't see this. ;)
Also i took the photo of peanuts, because i just love them! they are the best to eat in the evening while watching tv or sitting in front of laptop. they are so tasty, that i always eat them a lot. too much ;)

28 Mar 2012



It's good to take a hot bath with foam and bubbles after tiring day.
Now days are cold, despite of sun but anyway i'm wearing my leather jacket. I just can't resist. And i think i have to buy new one :)

In the picture 3 and 5 is my dog. His name is Tasty,
 but it sounds different than in english,
so it also not means what in english xd

26 Mar 2012

yesterdays sky

And this is photo from yesterday. On the sky we could see Moon (on right down corner), next to it on the left is Jupiter and above them Venus. It looks lovely ;) Today the arrangement of them is different.

(if you guys want, comment my posts please, then i'll know that someone read my blog xd)


Today i looked like this:

 With my friend i was wondering what would happen if all dreams of every people in the world came true. It could be quite funny but dangerous as well. Every people would look perfect and have what they want. I think there would be a big chaos xd And maybe it's good that for our dreams, we have to work somehow.
 Anyway, i would like to live for one day with all my dreams and cravings came true (maybe for more than one day ;)

25 Mar 2012

cannelloni and orange

Today nothing special happened, but i ate wonderful dinner - cannelloni with spinach and cheese, whole is similar to lasagne and have marvelous taste. I could eat it all day long xd
And i i was taking a shower with orange shower gel. It smells like a real orange, a little bit like syrup - very sweet. Now i feel like orange but it's nice feeling ;3

24 Mar 2012

I'm exhausted after doing all that homework. I've been doing it for almost 5 hours, but now i can have a rest! I was drawing 'my dream estate' for a german project. I hope for getting some extra points for that:

(by the way i attend to junior high, but this is the last year)

And some other photos which i took today:

It's been 3 days since spring has started and i can feel it. Sun gives me warm and finally i don't have to wear my big winter coat. Today i was in a shopping center called GB. I bought new tights (because every tights i have are torn xd).
I'm hungry right now, but i have a delicious dinner in a few minutes :) Then, i have to do my homework and learn a little bit.

23 Mar 2012


I don't know how to start, because it's the first time i'm blogging. I want to say that i'm not an english girl. I'm writing in this language because i want to get out of my normal life for a moment. Here i can be english, like i always wanted to. It's beautiful language in my opinion, so sorry for making mistakes. I'm sure that they will be very often in my posts :) Anyway i'm really excited and and a little terrified at the same time xd and for now, that's all i wanted to say, so bye