31 Jul 2013


 this is my time
this is my tear

all in all and I'm
loving every rise and fall
the sun will make and I will take
breath to be sure of this

in the end and then
all will be forgiven when
surrender rises high and I
gave what I came to give

say it now because you never know

29 Jul 2013

lyrics now

mind, of destructive taste
I choose... To stroll amongst the waste
that was your heart
lost in the dark  

 walls of thought, strong and high
as my castle crumbles with time

I think of you
oh, yes I do
such a crime

 you opened fire... and your mark was true
you opened fire... aim my smilin' skull at you 

 lines cut across my face
why you laugh at my disgrace
I'll never know
how far to go
to reach that place 

I live tomorrow, you I'll not follow
as you wallow in a sea of sorrow

23 Jul 2013

some more analog photos:

delicious cake with rhubarb made by my grandma.

me in some ruins near the old town.

and small ducklings with their mom near pond in the park.

18 Jul 2013

Oh Baby

i came back faster than i thought
and i have new look, with shirt from secondhand store

now i'm going to listen THIS <3

13 Jul 2013

love, hate, love

i feel like a shit and the only thing i can do is...feel it

i leave tomorrow, i won't be at home for 2 weeks

11 Jul 2013

i could die for you

why always everything is exactly opposite. i dream about something which cannot happen.
my subconscious thinks that these feelings exist. but it's only in my head. reality is different. 
 why dreams so rarely come true. especially when it comes to important things. like happiness.
i'm just pretending and small things don't satisfy me anymore. but i'm thankful for them anyway.
i just live in some kind of lie. i cheat on me. 

7 Jul 2013

rainbow and the sun

i have great mood, sun shines beautifully
i have whole week before i'm going on some kind of camp
so i can't wait for meeting my friends :3

4 Jul 2013


i came back  home yesterday. i had a barbecue with friends.
and now i'm excited because today i'm going on Iron Maiden concert <3

2 Jul 2013


sorry for lack of posts!
since 4 days i have holidays! i am in the countryside in house of my aunt,
and internet connection here is very bad, so i cannot even post photos.
i ride a bike here, with headphones in my ears and wind in my hair.
i'm fishing and taking pictures. my luck came back.
i hope your summer is great <3