30 Dec 2012

tomorrow is a new year's eve 
so this evening i just made a little spa in my house. 
i took hot bath with foam, i dyed my nails (can i say that?) and put curlers on my hair
tomorrow is the best and last day for looking fabulous in 2012 year.
so have a lot of fun! i wish you all great new year <3

29 Dec 2012

dark paradise

i really like taking blurred photos, so here they are:) 
yesterday and today i was ice-skating with my friends. it is always fun.
and it is one of small number sports, which i like. 

you can see in the photos also my new look on lookbook: looklooklook
i wear earmuffs which my friend gave me last year. these heads of cats are a little bit scary
but i like weird things haha

28 Dec 2012

christmas photos

some photos of my christmas tree and cake with pudding. christmas had ended definitely too quickly. it was great time with my family, delicious dishes and lovely present which i got. laptop, lights for my room (i show it someday), album for photos, strap for guitar, a lot of books and cosmetics. christmas had it magic because of snow, but now, snow isn't here anymore. and i would like this free time to last and last.

23 Dec 2012

christmas are coming

i am so excited about tomorrow's christmas eve
yesterday i bought christmas tree and today i cooked all day.
i made two cakes with my mom, i'll try to take some photos! 
gifts for my parents are already packed and also last part of my favourite books (finale) is read. 
luckily it has happy end, so i feel just amazing <3

19 Dec 2012

Since I know how low to go
I wont let it show

Won't you touch me touch me, I won't let it go

And now I stand, and I peel for more.
Won't you touch me touch me, I won't let it go

tribute to seattle

some photos from concert on which i was last sunday. only one day left to class' eve before christmas. i am so excited, it is going to be fun. and i just can't wait untill i will decorate christmas tree. every year, christmas is beautiful time. it could last and last.

15 Dec 2012

yey. i was cleaning my house all day. and i'm so tired now.  it's all because of christmas, i can't wait till them, but firstly, everything has to be precisely prepared. and all the time i'm listening the same 3 songs: baby , intro , crystalised . they are amazing <3 make yourself a pleasure and listen to them too:)

12 Dec 2012

but i've never changed my mind

don't you call anybody else baby,
'cause i'm your baby still

you took a long time to make it
but i've never changed my mind
i've never tried to fake it
never drew the line

you speak your fears
thinking in circles
and checking word nears
don't see,
 you live your life like a page
from the book of my fantasy

i write of you

11 Dec 2012


it's so cold outside that i wear milion lays of clothes.
and i don't feel well. i have throat ache :<
but i am happy because of snow lying on the ground 
and that it still fall from the sky
 i just want christmas time and having rest <3

oh and i would like to have bass like she has:

anyway,  i hope that you, dear readers feel better than me.
because i feel like witnertime sadness

5 Dec 2012

my wall

(click for bigger)

i really don't have time for anything. its awful feeling. 
so sorry that i'm posting such rarely.
today i'm going to clean my winter shoes and prepare them 
for tommorow, because in my country 6th of december is nicholas' day
and i always put cleaned shoes near the balcony
 so small santa claus can put some present in there hihihi 
i'll see tomorrow (:

2 Dec 2012

things have gotten closer to the sun

 go slow

i feel like dreaming all night.

1 Dec 2012

magical evening

yesterday my friend came to my house to celebrate st. andrew's day,
it means an evening full of divination, magic, dreaming, wishes.
we found out the name of our future husband
and thing that are going to happen this year (theoretically).
so we were foretelling whole night, near the flame of candles
and it was really magical (;
 and then, about 3-4 a.m. we were chatting on omegle.com
it's a little bit foolish, but we met some new people and had fun ^.^

 by the way, i realized that i haven't post any outfits here for a long time
so i have to fix it, the more i have really lovely sweathers (: