28 Sep 2012

come back to watching

about year ago i started to watch 'skins' series.
i really liked it and couldn't stop watching but when i reached to almost end of second season, i went to a school trip so i had to make a break.
and then i forgot about it, and had a lot other things to do.
and finally, after year (xd) i came back to it, today.
and watch last episode of second season
and 3 episodes of third season. 
i was watching almost whole day (because i'm still ill)
and i just love it, i'm going to watch more tonight. 
now i think again, that i can't stop. it's such a cool series <3

27 Sep 2012

home alone

I am ill and i'm sitting whole day at home.
i don't feel well because of catarrh and throat ache.
and i have nothing reasonable to do,
so i was looking through some old pictures on my computer and found these:
i thought they're so funny :)

tasty is so cute

and with my best best friend ever:

and some other weird photographs:

oh they all just make me smile so i wanted to share (:
now i'm going to jump under the blanket. i have to warm myself a little.
and soon i will have to call to someone from my class and find out what they did during the lessons.. i really don't want to haha

24 Sep 2012

sometimes we wait for something. with every single day it's coming closer, and with this every single day we want it much more. we just can't wait and get excited. we want a change, go away from what is now, and just want to be there, in the future, in the day or period we're waiting for. but when it comes, often is that we miss what it was, what we had, what we were. we are dissapointed. it isn't like we wanted it to be.

white as snow

deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder
where it's so white as snow

privately divided by a world so undecided
and there's nowhere to go

the more i see the less i know
the more i like to let it go

23 Sep 2012

 it is so nice to go by the sea in the morning
i went there with my dad for taking some photos.
we were near the cliff and took Tasty with us
he was so happy that he could run and run around us
he even went into the water.
i like to watch him, when he is running
when he's digging holes 
when he's wagging his tail
and i'm always thinking that he's smiling out of joy.
he don't need much to feel happy

22 Sep 2012

warm sweaters are always welcome

here are promised photos from the photoshoot with my friend, which we did a long time ago.
today my aunt come to our house and we did a delicious lunch. it was a tart with spinach and salmon and three types of cheese. i love every dishes with spinach so i just ate more than i should xd and then we went to the cinema and saw 'bachelorette'. it is a silly comedy and i laughed a lot, but it is about friendship too (: 

and i just started wondering. why almost every girl don't like herself. there are always a lot of things that disturb us in ourselves. i would like to feel one day just perfectly comfortable in my skin. it has to be such a lovely and safely feeling. i don't have a lot to accuse myself but always something is.

20 Sep 2012

everybody need somebody, you're not the only one

i found out new background so new way of taking outfit photos ;)
the blouse is from secondhand and i think it's just lovely
oh and i tried to play songs of red hot chilli peppers ( the zephyr song, blood sugar sex magik and snow hey oh) on the bass, and it's really hard haha

sometimes i need some time on my own
don't you know you need some time all alone
everybody need some time on their own
don't you know i need some time all alone

18 Sep 2012

this tunic/dress is from secondhand, it's really pretty and i love it:)
i sign up for photography group in my school
we will meet on suturdays till october
and i hope i will learn how to take good photos
for the first meeting i have to bring the best photos which i've ever did, 
and i have a little problem, because most of the pictures i have are pictures of me xd

and today when i was coming back from school
i just felt happy and calm, i wasn't worry about annything
and just walking in the sun, oh lovely come-back-way from school. (:

17 Sep 2012

you know i'm almost gone

last days weren't the best in my life
i got little down because of school and stuff connected with this.
but i'm happy that the autumn started, and then winter will come soon too.
today i met with two guys with who i'm going to have a band
one plays the guitar, one - drums and i play on the bass
we was thinking about songs we want to play
and there are a few from red hot chilli peppers, nirvana and jimi hendrix.

i wish you all good week (:

the photo is from photoshoot with my friend which we took a loooong time ago
i show you rest of photos in next posts 

15 Sep 2012

through my chest

this is what i wore yesterday.
today i went with my aunt to second hand stores
and i bought 6 new clothes and i'm so happy of this
yesterday i met with my best friend, we went for a pizza and talk for about 4 hours, i love and miss her
it's hard to not be in one school and not seeing eachother every day. but we'll make sure to meet often

14 Sep 2012


i wanted to show you photos from the day when i did an iroquois, you know punk hairstyle. i have quite long hair so it was hard to do, but it worked somehow, so i just had to take photos.
iroquois is so cool, i love looking at punks with it, but i don't think i could go outside with hair like these on my head haha, because it doesn't look that cool, but it was worth to try and i think i'll do it again some day!

13 Sep 2012

some photos from summer when i went with my friend for a walk 
oh now,days start to be cold
but yesterday at my school wasthe day called 'diary from holiday'
and all pupils had to wear summery clothes
and my class won the competition so higher classes made drinks with small umbrellas for us haha
it was fun . and tomorrow is friday so weekend starts yupi:)