31 Oct 2013

empty's response

I feel empty when I'm near. I feel empty when I'm far. I feel empty while looking. I feel empty with closed eyes. I feel empty in the morning. I am empty in the night. I am empty when I feel. I feel empty when I think. I feel empty while talking. I feel empty when I shut my mouth. I feel empty in the dark. I am empty in the light. I feel empty with some reasons made to one, 
I am empty when the reason is gone.


28 Oct 2013

my wall

I will pull myself together

26 Oct 2013


new look on lookbook

yesterday concert was amazing, I just were in a big crowd, I sang and jumped,
my body and throat hurt a little but I was satisfied.

25 Oct 2013


okay i don't bother the fate. i keep saying this in my head.
 today and tomorrow im going on concerts with my friends
i hope for great rock music there.

24 Oct 2013

came back with big smile

I came back from trip. 
I had such a wonderful time, and Im really greatful for that.
only thing Im sad of, that it will never happen again. 
each beautiful moment happens only once in life. and thats sad thing always.
But i have beautiful, great, funny and nice memories. I love them :)

20 Oct 2013

trip and so

tomorrow I'm going on a little trip with my class,
 we will spend three days in the capital of our country.
we'll see what the fate will bring xd

14 Oct 2013


i'll kill her, i'll kill her
she stole my future, she broke my dream
i'll kill her, i'll kill her
she stole my future when she took you away

13 Oct 2013

where is my mind

it's easy to spill me
my soul is slowly dying i think
and my confidence
my emotions
my smile mostly

8 Oct 2013

my heart sings

I don't want these beautiful days go away. Never.
But they will be in my mind and in my heart.
But not this way I want them to be.

Oh I've never wanted to talk like this

3 Oct 2013


today was the day that at the end of, i smiled.

and i found out lovely singer, she writes so cool songs with simple lyrics, 
but they touch me. her name is soko. here are my favourites:

if you have some time, listen to them, they're really worth it :)