26 Jun 2015

what i want

i want my hair back! i miss time when it was really long
and i want to stay at home! not have to go to work. i feel it will never finish
and i want to eat chocolate! or any dessert. 

22 Jun 2015


a lot of thoughts but no words

10 Jun 2015

process of oblivion

creating new memories
living a moment
only now and future
letting go

i'm thinking about new tattoo!

8 Jun 2015


new analog photos!

i found a summer-job!
i've been working in fastfood restaurant since last week
its a little hard, boring work but i will earn some money
and that's the reason that i came there.
also another one it to take my mind off my problems.
so i'm going to work there till the half of july
and then finally i can start holiday:p
i'm going abroad with my friend
but later i will tell about it a little more!

for last few days i'm constantly hungry haha
today i'm going to sushi bar with my mum