31 Dec 2014

new year tonight

I don't really have positive mood, although I should.
new year means opportunity for some changes, small inside me and bigger which includes other people. but i felt such safe in this year. 2015 will be like a jump from the cliff into really deep water. i think i will handle it, because i don't have a choice. yesterday i felt really bad from that reason. but now, well i will give the best of me to make this year acceptable. maybe changes won't be so radical, maybe not for worse, maybe i'll change myself a little. noone knows, and that is exciting part. (i'm fighting with thoughts)

anyway today i'm going on a new year's eve party to my friend's house. 
i'm not really keen on parties.. but it would be last with all those people from my class.
but till then, i want to watch last episodes of my faourite series.

i hope this year will bring some luck.
for me and for you <3

30 Dec 2014

new song!

my new song!
today i did a lot of things including mix of that song
so i hope you'll like it c:

29 Dec 2014

first snow

finally snow came! but it could be a little bit warmer inside my house:p

oh, soon it will be new year's eve! i hope new year will be better than this one.
i had bad luck at the end of it. and haha i was thinking about deleting all of my massages on phone, as a sign of new beggining.
and i have to make some resolutions today or tomorrow!
and actually make them come true, because resolutions from this year... i hardly did about one.
i hope the party will be better than i think it is going to be.. (because i'm pessimist)

24 Dec 2014


i wish you all, happy christmas!
and i'm sure it will be full of magical moments <3

and i wish you also a lot of delicious food, which is a big part of christmas :)


20 Dec 2014

christmas soon!

sorry for lack of posts!
i have new photos which i developed today!

 macarons which i made with my friend yesterday

her pumpkin cookies (delicious)

and because of it's night now and it looks like this, when i look through window.

tomorrow morning i'm going with my aunt at my grandparent's house!
we will go by train and i'm so excited. christmas will finally start
hope you all will have wonderful time <3

11 Dec 2014

most of the time when i feel like posting on a blog is when i'm sad.
so here i am. somehow lonely, for a moment forgot that i like my lonliness.
i worry about so many things, and i don't want to participate in anything that will surely make me more sad. i really sometimes feel like i want to be someone else. like the song said 
' i want to be someone else, or  i'll explode  '
none of my plans with destiny is to be great, just don't come true.
my feeling of calmness went so far away. i feel the hope is running low. 
and now i'm ending this day with bad headache and john frusciante.
and just dreaming and being angry that dreams aren't real.
and hell yea, i do like complain. but i can't help it. not right now.

4 Dec 2014

winter comes

 cold sea

i like these photos so much, although now i don't have the best relations with one with whom i should have. but i take life as it is, and maybe i am hopeless, but maybe i'm looking for my own way to be happy. not everyone has to live like a script says. more and more i would like to change in myself. and maybe that's all i need right now, maybe i'm not ready to open. 
i like moments like this concrete
when i'm sitting, listening to music, drinking second (and not last) cup of tea,
and in a minute i'm going to watch my new favourite series - awkward.