11 Dec 2014

most of the time when i feel like posting on a blog is when i'm sad.
so here i am. somehow lonely, for a moment forgot that i like my lonliness.
i worry about so many things, and i don't want to participate in anything that will surely make me more sad. i really sometimes feel like i want to be someone else. like the song said 
' i want to be someone else, or  i'll explode  '
none of my plans with destiny is to be great, just don't come true.
my feeling of calmness went so far away. i feel the hope is running low. 
and now i'm ending this day with bad headache and john frusciante.
and just dreaming and being angry that dreams aren't real.
and hell yea, i do like complain. but i can't help it. not right now.

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