25 Sep 2016

who cares the sun that i waste

photos from prague 

you know what, from two weeks i don't have a boyfriend any more.
and actually i'm not going to have one in near and further future.
now i have real holidays - spending time on my own,
with my friends, family and my dog. i finally have time for them and for myself.
i think i'm happy in a way i like.
i've changed and everything changes.

9 Sep 2016

why you wanna blame me for your troubles

i came back from prague! i had lovely vacation with my boy.
in prague we were actually three days during which we saw lots of pretty buildings,
monuments, places, parks, streets and restaurants. we ate characteristic food for that country.
especially we liked fried cheese with chips. we drank czech beer and spent evening on walking
through the city at dark, which was amazingly lovely.
apart from prague we visited also two polish cities.
we travelled in uncomfortable buses and hot trains and we came back ill a little bit. 
but i have funny video from this time and photos which i will soon get from my camera!