20 May 2015


a song to sing when i'm lonely

17 May 2015


i'm burning alive

fire meet gasoline

yesterday's photoshoot
and my new look
i love this dress from second hand store

actually i have to go to second hand soon! i miss it

16 May 2015

windy portraits

today i was on photo shoot
finally i have some pictures to show

and i'm eating all the time
so i can forget about problems
and forget about life:p

13 May 2015

away & anywhere

my holidays started few hours ago.
im going on pizza with my dad in a while.
and now im listening to john frusciante.
although i passed oral exams (i think its called like this xd) i don't feel well.
i thought so, that i won't be in great mood.
and yea..maybe i have to get some mind recovery

the first season

this is the end of final exams
i passed, i guess.

3 May 2015

tomorrow and 2 weeks

from tomorrow my final school exams start
i hope i won't die of stress