29 Sep 2013


sometimes I want to shout
and this sometimes is quite often

26 Sep 2013


 long but beautiful day actually

22 Sep 2013


Whole weekend I was home alone. I felt quite nice with my dog.
I ate a lot of food, watched films, read books, drew, listened to music
I prefer telling about nice feelings.

19 Sep 2013


I hate when I have really bad mood. Then, I just want to eat chocolate, lie under the blanket
and listen to all sad songs that I love, that are beautiful and causes depression.
I hate feeling sad because of something on which I don't have influence.
I hate when I feel like hate myself and my world.

 Tomorrow I'm not going to school, because there are only three completely unnecessary subjects.
Well, for right now I just dream about tomorrow's lying in bed with tea, sad songs and all that shitty stuff. I hate bad days.

15 Sep 2013


and it'll work itself out fine

13 Sep 2013


hold my hand and keep it in yours.
catch me with hug.
lie, sit and stand with me.
touch my face.
be near me.
be with me.
why can't i say this.

10 Sep 2013


i am pretender. i'd like to feel something not fake

9 Sep 2013


i just hate this.
 when someone ignores you. someone whose attention you need the most.
you're alone with your feelings and he doesn't know about it. but you cannot tell him. 
you would like so much.. but there is no big change.

8 Sep 2013


i came back to school last week. i've missed all those wonderful people.
now i live with them everyday, like in a second family.
most of the time i feel calmly. i know, that it will be what must be.