28 Jun 2016

you're a tear in my heart

tomorrow open'er festival starts! 
i'm excited but i miss my boyfriend so much
i will see him on thursday, it is a really long time;_;

i'm gonna live fully

23 Jun 2016

i've been thinking too much, help me

 i passed all exams and i'm happy c: 

17 Jun 2016

now it's my turn

...to cry

yesterday i was in work the whole morning, but it was okay!
and later i went with my aunt for dinner - we ate delicious dumblings
but you know what?
i'm tired of food.
and i'm actually tired of some more things.

and it's raining hard today

15 Jun 2016

i wanna see her smile again

because eating is my favourite form of activity,
here are some dishes from the restaurants i've been to:

but i must stop eating so much!

14 Jun 2016

in the eye of the ocean

these are photos from last week,
when my boyfriend and i (yes! i have a boyfriend:p it is so unexpected!)
rode a bike by the sea almost whole sunday:p

and i'm in the time of exams because it's the end of academic year
and i hate to study so much and i worry i won't pass..
i really have to study a lot, even now..

and today is my mom's birthday!
in the morning i prepered a fruit coctail for her,
i will buy flowers and chinese food for dinner c:

13 Jun 2016

go forward

oh wow,
i haven't been here for months!
time goes so fast and so many things happen
 it is even hard to tell everything
but well i can try xd

but firstly some new photos:

i'm thinking of bringing this blog alive again!
and i don't know if i should write about things from the past.
maybe just go forward?