30 Jul 2012


now i'm sitting in grandparents' house and i took  with me some pictures from vacation, so in next posts i will show you how was there. on the first one i am on the bridge of love, where couples hangs padlocks with their names. it is so romantic:) i took many photos of surroundings of this city where i was, so maybe you can feel the atmosphere of it.. =p
and i wanted to tell that my grandad gave me his analog camera, so now, when i buy cliche (is it right word?) i will took photos in lovely old way ;3

28 Jul 2012

back home and some news

 i came back home yesterday
oh i had lovely time on my vacation with parents
this city was so beautiful and so different than ours.
we've sightseeing a lot and walk through market square.
we ate delicious food in small pubs.
weather was nice, because evenings were warm
so we could be outside till the night, 
only one they it was rainy, but on others sun shined.
i've got a lot to tell and a lot of pictures which i show you of course
but i have to choose the best ones!

and i've got news (bad or good for you),
namely, i am going to grandparent's place tomorrow for next week
but i think i will take my laptop so i try to keep blogging
but forgive me if i'll do it irregular:)

19 Jul 2012


And i wanted to tell,
that tomorrow i'm going on vacation with my parents to other city
and i don't think that i will have there access to Internet
so i'm off for a week.
i hope for beautiful weather and good time
of course i will take a lot of photos:)
 have a lovely weekend and whole week,
 bye <3

burnt out punks

First of all, these are some photos from performance, on which i was last sunday. on a small artistic festival was a team called Burnt Out Punks. they looove fire and they did a dangerous tricks with it. this performance was amazing, they are amazing! all of members are circus artists, and they are so funny, because apart from playing with the fire, fireworks, bombs, petrol etc. they can also make you laugh with their speech and stage movement! you should see them if you'll have an ocasion:) (my friend already found all members on facebook hahaha)

17 Jul 2012

stud of horses

Some days ago i was in stud of horses. i love these animals and i used to ride them when i was young. i would like to start again because it's such a nice feeling and they are so cute. when we was in a stud i was only stroking them and looking into their beautiful, smart eyes (: so here are some photos: (click for bigger)

 isn't he beautiful?

  here horse is probably angry (his ears are lying) and i show it to my aunt haha

  and here me or my aunt (i can't remember) is giving a little grass to horse:) 
i think it tastes him 

  and me reflected in a window of stable

16 Jul 2012

panther pattern

well, from today my mum has furlough so we together went by the sea to roller skating. i like that sport so much and i haven't done it for such a long time, so it was nice to be in rolls. but unluckily it started to rain so after 45 minutes of riding, we had to end it. but then..we went do shopping and i'm really satisfied, because there was a lot of sales, so i could buy many clothes (:  oh and yesterday i watched movie 'remember me' which is pretty cool, and have shocking end. here my new look :)

15 Jul 2012

catch my soul, it's willing to fly away

14 Jul 2012

dreaming in the forest

  so here are promised photos from photoshot with my friend
oh and i got in the high school which i wanted, and i'm little nervous.
but stop it, now are holidays and it's time to relax and not thining about school!:)

yesterday i was in the cinema on the move: magic mike.
and i have to say that haha it was quite cool, 
but most of the time about strip tease by men. 
so i did not grumble haha:)
and from today i'm planning to do some sport every day. 
for example cycling, skating or swimming.

oh and new look on lookbook : HERE