30 Apr 2014

i'm off

i have free days from school since few days.
i've been on a party, i was playing guitar hero and i had a grill. 
and tomorrow i'm going on a trip with parents and our friends
we are going to ride a bike, walk, and spend together a lot of time.
 and i hold on, trying to not think much

27 Apr 2014


yesterday i finally understood something. i did understand it earlier, but i don't know why i believed my imagination which easily creates unreal objects. now i know that something between me and someone is impossible. truly not real to happen. cause he has something with someone else. i will not be silly no more. not with this. i'm going to forget. and that's it.
i heard, that what is away from eyes, it's away from heart.

26 Apr 2014


all my dreams and all the lights mean
nothing if i can't have you

24 Apr 2014

new look

so this is my new look.
i bought this dress in secondhand store. and i'm in love with it :)

today was a lovely day,
i hope for more lucky days like this :)

23 Apr 2014


here is a photo which i decided to put on the top of blog as a new one 

actually it looks a little funny but i like this effect, when you can see only a little person

and this is the preview of my next look, which will appear soon

 yesterday i wrote new song! i feel like i have luck now, you know what i mean:p

22 Apr 2014

blue flowers

i came back home yesterday
i stayed in a hotel nearby the sea, so i could go on the beach in early morning or in the evening.
i was riding a bike, eat fish and taking photos.

and i posted new look on lookbook,
 i'll try to do it more often :)
 so here is my look:

18 Apr 2014

happy easter everyone :)

17 Apr 2014

lucy in the sky

the morning with the beatles, so great

13 Apr 2014

few photos i took lately

yesterday i was on a great party in house of my friend.
i had really wonderful time <3

11 Apr 2014

this awful week finally ends.
yesterday was a movie-day, i watched about 4 films
and i'm running on a gym. so ordinary stuff

9 Apr 2014

the end of this school week, tomorrow and on friday i don't have to go there.
i found out the newest album of john frusciante! and some songs are really touching
and now i'm going to see 'playing for keeps'. to feel better maybe c:

8 Apr 2014

snow and albums

few pictures from wintertime

and my favourite cd's. 
first two photos shows album of john frusciante, who i love so much
and in last photo there are cd's of red hot chilli peppers,
i used to listen to them all the time

and today was a bad day.. but the end of it is coming

7 Apr 2014

pictures and so

because i didn't post anything for a long time,
i have a lot of new photos, so i upload them!

so these are the beggining of spring and sun

during my 18-birthday party for my family, i tore tights,
as a symbol of possibility to do what i want xd

more photos will appear in another post :)

by the way, 
what's happening in my life is, i got my thoughts together. 
and i think i know what i want.
and today i started running! c: