30 Aug 2016

keep it healthy

i'm listening to warpaint
and tomorrow is the last day of my work! 
i've been working in newsagent's for 5 months
and it's finally time to have a break c;

26 Aug 2016

ever wonder if it's all for you, whole this world.

i'm reading books a lot.
i want to run away into the magical, unreal world.

22 Aug 2016

can you feel my heart

from two days i feel better.
i will be a good person and i will live in line with my desires and needs
and if i don't like something i will communicate with myself clearly.

11 Aug 2016

dreaming away your life

i actually worry

and i want to sleep really badly

10 Aug 2016

i can survive

i'm so tired it's almost hard to live,
i'm working everyday now and always i start at 5.30 am.. so i get up at 4 am.
it hurts:p
but i'm cheering myself up by reminding of whole free month which i will have soon
and i will never have to come back to that work.

last week i spent with my boyfriend. it's really nice feeling.
and now i miss him and i wonder if he miss me as much as i do
and i'm reading very intriguing book!

1 Aug 2016

we've problems

i finished weekend work and now i'm having one week break
i'm going to the city of my boyfriend and i will spent few days there

last week i was three times in the cinema and yesteday i won next ticket haha
actually this prize contains buying one ticket and the second is for free
but that's a good occasion to go to the cinema again :p

and i've came to the statement that i shouldn't worry all the time
just live and try to be happy;p 
(i know it's obvious but i like to tell myself such things:p)