30 Jan 2017


i wanna take new photos,
but it is too cold to go anywhere around
the weather is awful
and my mood is ambivalent
but i really need some art, some objects and inspiration

26 Jan 2017


i'm focused on studying and losing weight
these are my main goals to achieve.
tomorrow i'll go to the gym finally

and i'm not going to think too much

23 Jan 2017

out of mind

i really feel like i'm out of my mind
soon i'll go really fucking mad
i can't stand myself anymore, i'm lost in my thoughts,
lost in my desires.
i'm scared to be left alone, but i have to deal with it.
and i'm starting to talk to myself.
it's getting worse every day and i can't help it
and i am crazy

15 Jan 2017

you only see what you don't like

you are the one you need to love

a lot of things to do, but i like it.
i like when i'm busy but my work is effective.
i'm focused on studying and art and art studying:p

9 Jan 2017

i'm not in a great position right now, but i'm lying in my bed.
i'm listening to music and tomorrow nothing bad should happen.
i can't complain on anything. i have my music and mornings.
i'm trying to be a better person. and see things around me. 
i don't need any boyfriend, i have a lot of friends and i like my dreams
and some mysteries of my soul and heart which even i personally can't find out.

the only thing i'm not happy of is how i look. i really don't like my body.

4 Jan 2017

i look outside

i'm in really complicated situation
and there is nowhere i can hide

2 Jan 2017


i lost myself in an unclear crowd.
new year has started but i still don't feel it.
i don't know if i feel anything at all.
i know that lots of things gonna happen and i'm ready for them.
but i can't find right place for me now
there's too much around me and i'm not sure about any idea.
i'm everywhere and nowhere 
and i guess i stayed alone.
i need few more days of and to rest
and maybe i will stand up straight.
i have to clear my mind and thoughts and tidy mess around me.
i need to come across clean space.