26 Jan 2014


cold winter in the place of my grandparents.
i wish i could stay there, with them, longer than i did
one week of winter holiday already had passed me.

anyway, i feel more calm, so that's good thing c:

25 Jan 2014


me a minute ago
i really wait to develop my analog photos,because i have got any right now
i came back to home, with new attitude

8 Jan 2014

some more of me

i wrote next lyrics to song

3 Jan 2014

late at night

this is silly post, it is me right now, listening to ataxia and waiting for tomorrow, 
cause i'm going to my granmother's birthday!

and actually in new year i feel great. i end up my old habits (i'm trying to end up them).
anytime i remind myself that i shouldn't, some kind of relief comes.
i'm trying to be focused on more important things, than i used to.
so, i think i can do it, and hope you all will persevere in goals :)