23 Jun 2013

listen to voices in my head

last days i'm listening to new album of alice in chaince! 
it is amazing, i love the way they play!

and yesterday i was on party in house of friend from my class! 
it was great, i had really great time (:
i also was at my home only 2 hours, eariler i had grill with girls
and earlier was musical morning (rehearsal with band and drum lessons):D

19 Jun 2013

knock knock. whose there? its happiness

yey in one week i have summer holidays! 
im so happy, really :)

13 Jun 2013

today was better day! sun shines and it makes me happy.
let's feel hapiness of small things
because what else should we get from this world?

8 Jun 2013

something ends. something begins. right?

6 Jun 2013


everything's fucked up.

1 Jun 2013

fast endings

i feel ill. my throat ache so much :(
but anyway, i am at grandparents' place with my aunt.
but it is the last day, tomorrow i'm coming back home.
long weekends always ends so fast. it is annoying i have to say.