14 Apr 2017

temporary windows

next week i'm finally moving in a proper apartment!
i'm excited, but it also will take a lot of energy to tidy it all up.
yesterday i had my new tattoo done! it is really lovely,
i will show pictures when it will be healed. 
in a moment i'm going (not that far) away - to my grandparent's place
where i will spend easter.
two days ago i started a new job, as a waitress,
and tomorrow i'm also going to work. two days a week for now.
i wish you all wonderful weekend and easter <3

9 Apr 2017

people always look better in the sun

last weekend was really awful,
but yesterday evening i watched amazingly lovely spanish movie
and today sun is shining, i welcome spring.

6 Apr 2017

new photos, new me, new start

i'm back after really long break.
soon i will move in the new house with my mother
it is almost the end of renovation.

i've got also new analog photographs.
lots of things change in my life, but i try to keep open and calm mind.

and now i'm sitting, listen to john frusciante (again!) and feeling good.
despite it was really cold today. too cold for spring.