27 Sep 2014

night with mum

these are photos from august,
when i went for a dinner with my mum
we ate sushi, which we both love,
and then walked through our old town 
and see all those bautiful lights


it's going to be sleepless night.
oh, i am so confused that i can't stand it
i watched romantic comedies but it didn't help much
and i really don't feel like doing anything, including sleeping. 
i'm only tired mentally

26 Sep 2014

let's tessellate

lately i'm listening to alt j
and some songs really touched me
cause i have another muddle in my head

21 Sep 2014


few photos from berlin

there is no photoshop in any of these photos

14 Sep 2014


warm sea in Greece

tomorrow i'm going on a trip with class (our last year, last trip)
we are going to Berlin in Germany!
and we are getting there by train. i have to wake up at 4 o'clock haha
have a nice week <3

13 Sep 2014

I know places

Where the highs won't bring you down babe.
No, The highs won't hurt you there babe.

i feel the same

7 Sep 2014

from road

Cause love destroyes ourselves
Deeply in heart it steals our mind

Cause love is stealing my dreams
It's making me cry
It's making me die

dear train, you can kill me

yesterday' photos


new look on lookbook! :)