30 Apr 2012

Here are some photos of my 3-days-trip to aunt's house in the countryside. There was so hot weather! over 30 Celsius degrees. i spent time outside, mostly playing with my dog. it was just a paradise for him. He could run and run all the time in the garden. I always wanted to have a single-family house. but now, i think that it's nice to live there just for 3 days. i think i couldn't be there more, because of flies, worms and bees. they are annoying. so everything in countryside life except that thing, is great xd

my aunt's cat in Tasty's bed
delicious apple pie

one of the annoying ants
me like on the cover of the beatles' album xd

and the part of my electric guitar

27 Apr 2012

I spend two last days quite nice :) yesterday my friend came to me to sleep in my house. we made muffins and then watched a lot of films. we pay for them from video hire at home xd first was 'dream house' which was really shocking and interesting. then we started to watch 'shelter' which i was scared of. unfortunately (luckily xd) it stopped (in weird-scary moment) and didn't want to play. so we watched a comedy drama and this one was really really strange, with actor named Adam Sandler. and finally - 'moulin rouge' with Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor. it was musical and it was wonderful. there is a lot of well-known songs mix together - effect is awsome. and this is story about love, so i really like it :)
And today my another friend came and we cooked. we made salat with chicken and delicious dessert with chocolate, fruits (bananas, apples, grapes and kiwi) and natural yogurt. so now i just feel like i ate too much=p

Tomorrow i'm coming to my aunt's house, so i will enjoy the nature with sunny and warm weather <3 hope you guys will have nice weekend too :)

25 Apr 2012


I'm after two days of exams and i don't feel bad xd yesterday was worse, but todays' maths and sciences went quite nice. maybe i will get in some high schools xd now i feel more chill out. tomorrow will be the last test -  english basic and andadvanced, and then i will be free for a week. i'm so so sooo happy for that. finally i will do more nicely things and probably write more interesting posts xd and..i won't have to learn so much!

so, because it's almost the end of this 'tortures' i'm putting photo with gentle, little, almost unnoticeable smile. (like on 'mona lisa' painting hahaha xd)

23 Apr 2012


So tomorrow i start exams. i'm a little bit nervous. now only what i have to do is pack black pens, pencils, rubber and things like that. to not be stressed i took a bath and i will drink melisa tea. oh, now i feel like i don't know anything..i hope it will be some kinda good. the only thing which keep me alive is that there are 3 days to long weekend <3 so now, i will post something on friday i think. maybe earlier. Have a nice week and cross your fingers for me :)

22 Apr 2012

And today i watched 'da vinci code' which is just amazing. i like films with riddles and clues. and which is complicated and make stunning impression. now i want to watch another one movie like this - 'angels & demons'. oh, how i like it! and all day i have one song in my head, i just can't stop humming (is it humming?) it :) CLICK

Well, i decided to do some things:
 1. go on diet haha xd so i will drink much more water, eat less sweets (or never eat them) and eat more fruits. and maybe do some sports...like swimming

2. be happy of the life. usually i am, but now i have a lot of stress and everytime i worry about my future, exams, high school. so now i'll try to be happy of small things which happened every day. i'm sure after exams (at the end of the week) i will feel better. then i could be more smiling and just happy

3. more often go out and spend time not at home. now weather is warmer so it's possible to go somewhere and feel the nature

And i hope i will persevere in this resolves, because they would make me feel better:)

21 Apr 2012


Last days were hard..i'm so tired, i know i tell about it all the time, but now i'm only living these exams. they are in next week, so i still learn a lot. and i think i don't know anything xd i just want this next week end and then i will have free week.
Yesterday i ate spaghetti, but not which i usually eat (made by my dad). sauce for this was from powder but it was delicious, i didn't expect for such nice taste :) and i watched horror, but it was stupid and disgusting one xd something like 'Alien' but much worse! Now i have to learn some more time, and then i hope for relax and some nice food :))

18 Apr 2012

I put some metallica photos, because i'm so excited. It is because the fact that since last weekend i've had a tickets for metallica's concert !! :D they will come on sonisphere festival. i was 2 year ago also on this festival and metallica with the others groups from 'the big four of trash metal' were there too. but i regret one thing - that i watched and listen to the concert from grandstands, so i coudn't jump or sing loud.. and now i can fix that thing and i have a chance to experience this concert like i've had never before! i just can't wait till the may :)
Apart from that, today i listened to the song of next one of my favourite band xd this is desperate by the distillers. i just love them and i could listen to that song all the time :)

16 Apr 2012


Oh, today was exhausting. I had at school 4 physics instead of some other subjects. And i have to tell that i hate it! i don't understand mostly anything, so it's unbelievable that i'm in maths-physic class haha xd These days nothing interesting happens in my life. i'm only learning, learning, and some more learning.

For four years i've had my diary, in which i was writing few times a week or even few times a day. And yesterday this one notebook unfortunately ended. i wrote down every single page. and i can't believe it, it was my the best friend ever. i think diaries knows about us more than anyone knows. even family or friends.
but..luckily some months earlier i got the new diary so today i wrote in it and i'm happy because now, i have a looot of pages to write down haha

13 Apr 2012


These are truffles which i did on easter. And few of them are still in my fridge. They are so sweet (and tasty of course) that i can't eat a lot at once, because i would be fat xd but one truffle each day is a good option.
I have weird-stressful days. Maybe because of coming exams, but also because of prom which will be on the end of school year - the prom 3rd class of junior high. I know it might be funny that this is stressful thing, but you know, it's time boys asking girls to go there with them and i'm a little bit nervous xd but if anyone didn't ask me for it i wouldn't be sad. i will go there and have a disco with other people haha xd
have you guys ever been to the prom like this?

11 Apr 2012

swans and harvey


School wasn't so bad, but i have to make a one decision connected with it. I hope i will do a right choice. By the way, i was listening to new album of Pj Harvey which i have - '4 track demos'. I also have got 'is this desire'. And i have to tell, that i just love it. That music is wonderful. It's such alternative and different than music which we hear in everyday life. I love that way of showing emotions, thoughts and feelings. It's just interesting and it got a soul. When i start to listen to her albums i just can't stop. It's such beautiful for me, that i could do it all the time.

here are some songs of pj harvey which you might like:

maybe when you hear it for the first time it might be strange, 
but when you listen to it few times you discover and find lovely sounds 
and fall in love with her voice, just like i did.

10 Apr 2012


These photos were taken two days ago. There was a big, cold wind and a storm. In reality it looked more stormy than in here. it was beautiful despite of the fact that the wind almost detach my head haha xd
Tomorrow i'm coming back to school. And today i had to study all the time. I am so stressed, because in two weeks i have important exams. I try not to think bad about it. My motto is: 'the most important thing in life is laugh always and everywhere, not regret what have been and don't worry what will be'. Anyway, i'm going to study a lot during these two weeks.

8 Apr 2012

easter time, easter time

lamb made of butter

In the pictures are some easter ornamentations in my house. Today at the same time there was sunny, snowy and windy. At easter days i'm eating delicious things. Yesterday it was lasagne which i did with my mom. In the morning i ate 3 types of stuffed eggs - with cheese, with ham and with mashrooms. I just love eating and i hope that my weight will not change after these days xd Apart from eating i'm watching a lot of films. I saw 'breaking dawn' which i had seen earlier in the cinema, but i like it so much. I saw 'colombiana' and a minute ago - 'the help'. it is beautiful film, such touching and i cried because it moved me. if you haven't seen it, you just have to! i hope that you also nicely spend your easter time :)