16 Apr 2012


Oh, today was exhausting. I had at school 4 physics instead of some other subjects. And i have to tell that i hate it! i don't understand mostly anything, so it's unbelievable that i'm in maths-physic class haha xd These days nothing interesting happens in my life. i'm only learning, learning, and some more learning.

For four years i've had my diary, in which i was writing few times a week or even few times a day. And yesterday this one notebook unfortunately ended. i wrote down every single page. and i can't believe it, it was my the best friend ever. i think diaries knows about us more than anyone knows. even family or friends.
but..luckily some months earlier i got the new diary so today i wrote in it and i'm happy because now, i have a looot of pages to write down haha

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  1. likeee your blog dear!!
    keep posting and go for it <3