13 Apr 2012


These are truffles which i did on easter. And few of them are still in my fridge. They are so sweet (and tasty of course) that i can't eat a lot at once, because i would be fat xd but one truffle each day is a good option.
I have weird-stressful days. Maybe because of coming exams, but also because of prom which will be on the end of school year - the prom 3rd class of junior high. I know it might be funny that this is stressful thing, but you know, it's time boys asking girls to go there with them and i'm a little bit nervous xd but if anyone didn't ask me for it i wouldn't be sad. i will go there and have a disco with other people haha xd
have you guys ever been to the prom like this?


  1. Hah, on a prom like that no. What happens at such prom? :)

    Sweet sweet truffles .. Yumm..

    1. well people in pairs dance polonaise and after that they eat something (xd) and have a disco with dj :)

    2. So the question is would you dance polonaise with a boy or not? ;)

      Btw, an idea - why don't you make the blog interface language English too? That would follow the idea you have with this blog. Just would make it easier for non-Polish speaking people to choose between "Opublikuj" i "Podglad", etc. :)

  2. those look yummy!