23 Oct 2014

this cold

i've got big chaos inside me 
and it's so cold tha that i only want to drink tea, lie under the blanket,
and cuddle with you

18 Oct 2014


today is my pajamas day
i slept a lot, watched movies and ate some candies
i'd like to have more days like these..

14 Oct 2014

i know places we can go babe.

some photos i took yesterday

i don't really know what's happening right now actually.
but i'm not going to wonder about it.
i should do something useful. so i think i will resume recording my song.
and then go to hairdresser to cut off a little my fringe.

have a nice evening c:

6 Oct 2014

out of reach

lately i'm listening to the xx. they create so lovely music and words,
i'm always extremly impressed and it's a huge pleasure to listen those sounds.
and one of songs is truly like my emotions right now.
cause i think i've lost something.