31 Aug 2012

take it easy

these are effects of photoshoot with my friend.
next time i'll show you analog photos, in colour.

i'm not in very good mood right now, because in two days holiday ends and school year starts, which isn't the happiest thing in my life, and i think in life of every student. i'm just a little bit nervous, you know,  new school, new teachers, new people, new events. but it should be like that, so we all have to put up with it.

i don't like waiting for some days so long
when they come, it is sure to disappoint.

29 Aug 2012

well, today i met with my friend and we took some photos (also analog), i mean we did photoshoot. it was quite cool, i dressed up few times and we had fun, i show you photos, as soon as i choose best ones.
and last days all the time i'm playing on my bass, which is called Sydney. i know it's weird to give a name to a guitar, but all my guitars have a name, they are my friends somehow (:

27 Aug 2012


 Well it's too late
To drag the past out
Into the light
We're one
But we're not the same
We get to carry each other

 Did I ask too much
More than a lot
You gave me nothing
Now it's all I got
We're one
But we're not the same
We hurt each other
Then we do it again

two days ago i saw beatiful film 'dear john'. i would like to feel someday such love as main heroes feel.
it is beautiful when you understand each other without words..
and sad, that you love so much and you can't be with that person directly
so you have to stop it, for stop hurting youserlf.
but love always win. at least, it should.

25 Aug 2012

i love that dress from secod hand. in stores like that, you can find really beautiful things, i don't know why i haven't bought anything before. during summer i bought 10 clothes there, and i am very satisfied of them.

now, it's still rainy weather, and i don't have the best mood, so all i want to do i jump under a blanket and spend day there

24 Aug 2012

analog photos

Here are analog photos from my old camera:
(i have new cliche now)

 it's a cute, fat dog which i don't know, just saw on the street

the weather today is rainy. i won't say that is a bad wather.
for summer isn't very beautiful, but sometimes when sun shines all the time
we need a little bit of rain. anything can't be perfect and lovely all the time.

23 Aug 2012

world of imagination

lately, i'm doing things for my soul being calm and feel safe and fulfillment. one of those things is drawing.
drawing makes me free. i can paint what i want and express what is going on my mind and in my heart. when i draw i can forget about world around me, and i don't think about problems, but when i have some, painting let me take it out. when you draw, you just come into world of your imagination, you express yourself and it can really makes happy.

21 Aug 2012

and it's coming closer

it was really nice day.
i met with my friend, we went by bikes to a lake
and took photos with her analog camera.
when i came home i made delicious spaghetti
(with tomatoes, onion, garlic, concentrated milk, two types of cheese)
and went to photograper to take back developed photos.
some of them didn't work, so he didn't developed them
but most of photos are okay
 (i show you them another time).
and today, sunglasses which i ordered few days ago, finally came
they are 'lennon sunglasses' and suit me so well:)
and i'm going to watch fourth part of Alien
and at the same time eat crisps (i know it isn't healthy but 
i haven't eaten it for such a long time, so i think it won't harm me;)
so yea, it is a nice day (:

20 Aug 2012

sing to the morning light

yesterday i woke up early in the morning,
(early means 5 o'clock)
and i went to a pier , to see the sea in the morning light
the sun was red then, and it was rising.
it was warm and so beautiful
but to my suprise, on the pier were a lot of people
but not because they went there early 
but because they were coming back late from partys 
so they wasn't too sober xd
and i saw weird things, for example 
naked man running to the shore through splash water haha
but anyway it was nice to go such early at the sea

oh, and i gave cliche to photographer to develop photos from my analog camera
i'm so excited (: