21 Aug 2012

and it's coming closer

it was really nice day.
i met with my friend, we went by bikes to a lake
and took photos with her analog camera.
when i came home i made delicious spaghetti
(with tomatoes, onion, garlic, concentrated milk, two types of cheese)
and went to photograper to take back developed photos.
some of them didn't work, so he didn't developed them
but most of photos are okay
 (i show you them another time).
and today, sunglasses which i ordered few days ago, finally came
they are 'lennon sunglasses' and suit me so well:)
and i'm going to watch fourth part of Alien
and at the same time eat crisps (i know it isn't healthy but 
i haven't eaten it for such a long time, so i think it won't harm me;)
so yea, it is a nice day (:

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