26 Feb 2015


i am so confused. lately my dreams started to come true.
but usually when something begins, it ends more faster.
and i am both happy and sad.

and i feel ill again, and i need hug so much, 
and my diary is my only true friend.

and most of the time i don't know what to do with my life.

19 Feb 2015


i'm hopeless and useless and everything-less.

11 Feb 2015

tea, bed, blanket

it's so good to stay in pajama till late morning,
and the feeling i don't have to do anything.

(but it's not in this case, not today. in an hour i need to go on math's classes, 
and then on rehearsal with band, then on yoga. but the only thing i dream of is stay in bed)

5 Feb 2015

if something is nothing it must not be something in any possible way

it's evening. i'm sitting and listening to my dear john frusciante (thats why some of his quotes im posting here). and i just don't want to think more. my family have some problems lately. 
and since beginning of this week im living only with my mum.. but i hope everything will be okay. and i started to love sleeping long in the morning. i just don't have much to do. im having winter holidays. and tomorrow im going on party at my friend's house. 
i don't know how i feel. good but worried?


See me freezing like the bum I am

3 Feb 2015

snow time

you won't save me

2 Feb 2015


life is so sad