24 Jan 2015

adding scars to my heart

after actually short time of calm feelings and kind of happiness,
i came back to my stable state, which i think just loves me.
i am with agreement with my unavoidable destiny.
i would like to run away, but some things are simply impossible.
so what can i do? i just exist.
and as usually listen to all my lovely sad songs

21 Jan 2015


sorry for lack of posts.. i'm still trying to figure out what is happening in my head,
what i think, what i want, this period is going to be the hardest for me.
lots of things changes and i'm amongst them and sometimes i don't know what to do, 
or i regret that i didn't done something. so yea i should be more active and bold
(my dreams also say so)

5 Jan 2015

here i am

beginning of new year was actually perfect, exept the fact that i screwed it up,
like i always do. its actually my best ability, which i can't help.
so here i am. in two days coming back to school, this week having a prom,
and wondering if i still have a hope.
but hey, im still smiling and going to watch 'holiday' on dvd with my mum.