28 Aug 2015

raining over me

as i promised, few photos from yesterday
when i went horse riding with my friend
this horse is quite small haha but cute anyway
opposite to me, i didn't look cute haha

and it's raining outside, finally! 
so i think it is a nice excuse to watch some series

27 Aug 2015

far from home, all alone

today i went horse riding,
for the first time in about 7 years!
it was great but really exausting, because of warmth 
and because my legs weren't prepered well to such exercises xd 
they suffer a lot now, i can't even move them:p
tomorrow i'll show some pictures!

and i'm watching 'deliver us from evil' now
nice horror evening :>

24 Aug 2015

lazy me

i think i have to accept some things.
i have vacation, a lot of free time and opporunity to do completely nothing
i should appreciate it, not feel guilty, everything can wait

so, i spent whole day at home (exept small journey to lidl shop, where
i bought some products from spain and portugal, because every week,
they sell some food from foreign countries, i bet i've told you that before!)
i was watching old photos, and movies
and now i'm gonna watch some more movies! 
it is gonna be 'the girl with the dragon tattoo',
because i haven't seen it for a really long time!
 and i don't feel like doing anything else. and i will eat some nuts surely:p

22 Aug 2015


i would like to do something different
to be someone else
or just me, but more likeble for myself

drop the game

i'm watching old photographs and listening to chet faker

14 Aug 2015


lovely trip, lovely city

2 Aug 2015

my new song!

i've recorded new song! 
it is called ' in a stream' 
and i made an account on soundcloud,
so you can find my song here:

or here:

enjoy :)

1 Aug 2015

i can't think

piccadilly cirus


pret a manger and my friend :)