28 Nov 2013


today my band is playing concert in my school.
i'm not so stressed so i'm happy for that. 
i wonder how it will go.. 

and now i'm sitting at home, waiting, and listen to john frusciante <3

23 Nov 2013

stay in mind

Don't you think, that this story should end differently?
Well, maybe it's not the end.
Because in the end, i's all okay.

coming on mind

I wouldn't like to use words for everything. it could be so pleasantly to sometimes not talk and feel good with it. feel good near that person. with no embarrassment and awkwardness. I'm ready for that.

20 Nov 2013


more time helps me. i'm changing my mind

18 Nov 2013

we're chained

You're my pain when I can't feel

15 Nov 2013

over me

some photos with the beautiful light.
i really like the sunset.

and i am on 30-days-chellenge of exercises for belly, legs and bottom!
and today is 5th day! doing them make me believe in my strength and it's kinda relaxing.

4 Nov 2013


i watched titanic and i'm feeling so great!
i changed my thinking and really feeling more alive.
i have a lot of positive energy, and noone will break me so fast (:

2 Nov 2013

I hate. It will help me survive I hope.