25 Nov 2016


sunny city

i haven't sleep most of the last night
i had weird dreams and i was thinking too much

by the way, now i feel much better.
i finished diet, so i lost weight which i wanted to get rid of
and tonight i'm going to eat sushi with my mom.
and my eyes hurt a little because of the comupter's screen.

and the weather is lovely lately
and some magical things always happen

21 Nov 2016

off to sleep

i've came back home from those workshops
and i'm glad i tried a new thing
but it's not realy for me:p
i will look for some other kind of activity


could it be

 i've calmed down a little bit.
today i will attend acting workshops with my friend,
just to see how it is and maybe increase my confidence step by step.
whole term my studies contained such workshops,
but they will end next week and i found it fun and interesting.
so i was looking for something like this apart from school,
and here it is. 
i'll write after coming back!


if anyone would like to see my work - short music video, 
here it is:

20 Nov 2016

future comes so slow

me and my mom spent a weekend in another city
really beautiful place

a lot of things happens
i'll try to post photos more regularly

lately more often i have the feeling i don't have any will to do anything, 
to talk to anyone and to write anything.