27 Feb 2013

my favourite sweather lately

it's weird but i think i might like doing homework.
because sitting behind computer made me feel irritated and tired.
and doing homework is a big difference to it. i know i'm odd haha

and whole day i sing a song by lana del rey - american click:)

26 Feb 2013

please don't go, i'll eat you whole, i love you so

more analog photos from last cliche

She may contain the urge to run away
But hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks

Do you know where the wilds things go
They go along to take your honey

Muscle to muscle and toe to toe
The fear has gripped me but here I go
My heart sinks as I jump up
Your hand grips hand as my eyes shut

this song is in my mind all the time!

24 Feb 2013

this is the end of my winter holidays
tomorrow i have to come back to school and i'm not very happy because of this fact.

by the way, i've got new analog camera and can't stop taking pictures.
i love it!

23 Feb 2013

doll parts

 I am doll eyes, doll mouth, doll legs,
I am doll arms, big veins, dog bait.
  I want to be the girl with the most cake.
I love him so much he just turns to hate.
I fake it so real i am beyond fake.
 And some day you will ache like i ache
I want to be the girl with the most cake.
He only loves those things, because he loves to see them break.
I fake it so real I am beyond fake.

(photos taken by my friend yesterday)

22 Feb 2013

i got to take it on the otherside

i met with my bestfriend and we took some photos
then we went on a small concert, great day :]

21 Feb 2013


some drawings made by me except third photo which shows sketch made by my friend. 
but she had drawn me haha.
first two photos contains kurt cobain (yesterday was his birthday)
and last drawing shows me and my bestfriend 

i'm showing you my drawings because lately i do it a lot
it helps me in forgetting about world around me and gives me feeling of freedom

20 Feb 2013

change and analog pics

i changed a view of my blog, hope you will like it
now photos can be showed in bigger size.
these are analog photos, which i took after new year's eve.
they are little overexposed, but i like this effect with red stripes.

18 Feb 2013

i ain't got

my new look. i love that skirt it is so cute:)
today is a really cold day.
i wrote next song and mixed a little music to it.
and in an hour i'm going to the cinema with my friend.
so i hope i will feel better.

15 Feb 2013

sometimes the shortest momets are the most beautiful

14 Feb 2013


good morning :)

13 Feb 2013

you make me crazy, you make me wild

tomorrow is my 17 birthday 
so i'm going with my bestfriend to some cafe.
and my dad is looking for new analog camera for me

ps. also happy valentine's day to everyone:)

12 Feb 2013

I feel so small to nature, to big black clouds

here is my new look lookbook .
today i'm going to meet with my best friend martha
we are going to cinema and then to her house.
good day to everyone;)

11 Feb 2013

heart shaped leaf

here is my new look. both sweather and skirt are from secondhand.
and i found really nice song: lonely boy :)

don't be afraid, you're already dead

i came back to my house today morning.
i watched next two episodes of my favourite series skins
and have a fun talking to my friends.
i'm going to take some pictures in a moment and then maybe run.
because i want to loose weight a little (: