30 Apr 2013

26 Apr 2013

yey i've already started really long weekend! i'm free for two weeks <3
this is next part of analog photos. you have no idea how i love to take them!

today at school i were making a film by video camera with my photography-group.
it supposed to be a horror and i acted samara from ring (by the way i'm going to watch 'ring 2' today xd)
and there were a lot more creepy scenes, i had so much fun! 

22 Apr 2013

analog finally

finally i have my photos developed !
and today is sad day. my canary died :c
i will always love you, wherever you are

20 Apr 2013

avalanche of birds

lookbook this is my new look (from last post)
hype if you like it (:

and yesterday i was on concert called Tribute To Seattle
bands played covers of seattle groups.
it was really nice to listen to that
and lately i'm meeting with friends and i really like it
i start not to think about school..and i worry that it doesn't bode well.

(oh and this is 200th post on my blog =p )

10 Apr 2013

i try but i can't and i want to so bad

sorry for lack of posts. i'm stydying and meeting with friends most of the time c:

today i looked like this.
and i feel happy right now, because in an hour i'm going to watch my favourite programme
about models xd and tomorrow i'm going to cinema with my class. it will be nice day(:
hope it will be also good for you guys <3

5 Apr 2013

without a doubt

 she tears the hole up even wider
it's all the darkness up inside her

tie a soul to you when your life goes down
time flies when you're falling down
 with or without a doubt
come on and let me out
where the fuck were you when my lights went out?

last days i'm listening to first album of band called Hole,
it's so hard and vulgar sometimes, but i really feel this music.
and tomorrow my best friend is coming to me for a night, we're gonna have some party (:

2 Apr 2013

Open your eyes, open your mind

i was walking through the snow..
watching it melts and falls from the high trees..
touching its coldness and wetness..
admiring reflections of sun on it..
except my wet shoes and feet, it was really adorable afternoon (:

1 Apr 2013

not really sure how to feel about it

I don't want to feel no more
It's easier to keep falling
Imitations are pale
Emptiness all tomorrows

Haunted by your ghost...

Lay down, black gives way to blue
Lay down, I'll remember you