31 May 2014

quick post

lovely day,
sun shines, i cleaned up mess in the house and i will continue it later,
my friend came to my place for night, we watched movies, and ate baked pasta with champions, tomatoes, chicken and cheese. delicious!
and soon i'm going on a birthday party, i'd prefer to stay home, but we'll see how it will be:)

28 May 2014

of me

some photos and by the way new look c:
i'm looking for something good to watch
maybe someone have seen a nice movie?

( colors on blogspot are not the best unfortunately )

27 May 2014

ah yom

there's only one place i'm going
there's only one destiny

good morning everyone :)

26 May 2014


new look, which i was wearing today

 and some silly webcome photos

sun shines, it's warm and lovely,
i did all my homework and i can do anything i want now xd
and today is a Mother's Day. happy day to all mothers :)

25 May 2014

some photos

some analog photos.
today i had a concert, and i'm quite satisfied :)
have a nice evening everyone <3

24 May 2014

22 May 2014

three colours

lately days are really hot,
it is even over 30 degrees! i'm terryfied:p 
but i can wear shorts and skirts all the time, and that's good thing,
so new look with secondhand shorts! :)

and finally i can record my songs!
i have equipment for doing it and it works :)

21 May 2014

new look!

i bought new cute skirt, i'm in love with it
and last days were very bad days in my life, 
now i'm getting better..

10 May 2014


these are photos from trip on which i was about week ago,
we were on a tower to see the beautiful view.

and tonight my band is playing a concert..
i am nervous a little!

7 May 2014


analogical spring

6 May 2014


some photos i took today
i found out a great place to shoot photos
it is on my staircase :p


i felt bad, so i watched two romantic comedies,
'crazy, stupid, love' and 'easy a' 
i can watch them over and over again.

i'm living in some kind of my own world, and when i don't want to think about future, 
even near future, i'm going to this place. in this week i have to come back to school,
and my band gives a concert. i might already be a little nervous.

5 May 2014