11 Apr 2012

swans and harvey


School wasn't so bad, but i have to make a one decision connected with it. I hope i will do a right choice. By the way, i was listening to new album of Pj Harvey which i have - '4 track demos'. I also have got 'is this desire'. And i have to tell, that i just love it. That music is wonderful. It's such alternative and different than music which we hear in everyday life. I love that way of showing emotions, thoughts and feelings. It's just interesting and it got a soul. When i start to listen to her albums i just can't stop. It's such beautiful for me, that i could do it all the time.

here are some songs of pj harvey which you might like:

maybe when you hear it for the first time it might be strange, 
but when you listen to it few times you discover and find lovely sounds 
and fall in love with her voice, just like i did.

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