22 Apr 2012

Well, i decided to do some things:
 1. go on diet haha xd so i will drink much more water, eat less sweets (or never eat them) and eat more fruits. and maybe do some sports...like swimming

2. be happy of the life. usually i am, but now i have a lot of stress and everytime i worry about my future, exams, high school. so now i'll try to be happy of small things which happened every day. i'm sure after exams (at the end of the week) i will feel better. then i could be more smiling and just happy

3. more often go out and spend time not at home. now weather is warmer so it's possible to go somewhere and feel the nature

And i hope i will persevere in this resolves, because they would make me feel better:)

1 comment:

  1. definitely persevere! :) best of luck with all of your goals :)