27 Apr 2012

I spend two last days quite nice :) yesterday my friend came to me to sleep in my house. we made muffins and then watched a lot of films. we pay for them from video hire at home xd first was 'dream house' which was really shocking and interesting. then we started to watch 'shelter' which i was scared of. unfortunately (luckily xd) it stopped (in weird-scary moment) and didn't want to play. so we watched a comedy drama and this one was really really strange, with actor named Adam Sandler. and finally - 'moulin rouge' with Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor. it was musical and it was wonderful. there is a lot of well-known songs mix together - effect is awsome. and this is story about love, so i really like it :)
And today my another friend came and we cooked. we made salat with chicken and delicious dessert with chocolate, fruits (bananas, apples, grapes and kiwi) and natural yogurt. so now i just feel like i ate too much=p

Tomorrow i'm coming to my aunt's house, so i will enjoy the nature with sunny and warm weather <3 hope you guys will have nice weekend too :)

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