30 Apr 2012

Here are some photos of my 3-days-trip to aunt's house in the countryside. There was so hot weather! over 30 Celsius degrees. i spent time outside, mostly playing with my dog. it was just a paradise for him. He could run and run all the time in the garden. I always wanted to have a single-family house. but now, i think that it's nice to live there just for 3 days. i think i couldn't be there more, because of flies, worms and bees. they are annoying. so everything in countryside life except that thing, is great xd

my aunt's cat in Tasty's bed
delicious apple pie

one of the annoying ants
me like on the cover of the beatles' album xd

and the part of my electric guitar

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  1. Nice photos! That puppy is so cute and I love your sneakers!