8 Apr 2012

easter time, easter time

lamb made of butter

In the pictures are some easter ornamentations in my house. Today at the same time there was sunny, snowy and windy. At easter days i'm eating delicious things. Yesterday it was lasagne which i did with my mom. In the morning i ate 3 types of stuffed eggs - with cheese, with ham and with mashrooms. I just love eating and i hope that my weight will not change after these days xd Apart from eating i'm watching a lot of films. I saw 'breaking dawn' which i had seen earlier in the cinema, but i like it so much. I saw 'colombiana' and a minute ago - 'the help'. it is beautiful film, such touching and i cried because it moved me. if you haven't seen it, you just have to! i hope that you also nicely spend your easter time :)

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